About Us

www.apnishayeri.com is a go to website for both the students and the job seeking candidates. People who are pursuing a certain degree can find this website as a helping hand. They can access many universities and institutions that offer higher education. Application process, fees structure, course details and many more important details related to the courses will be here . As soon as we get the information, we would like to share it with the willing candidates .

On the other hand, job hunters can find it very handy. All they have to do is follow it on a regular basis and try to grab the information. Whether it’s a government or a non government job, we can serve both. Government jobs itself have their categories such as, defence, govt. engineers, administrative officers, govt. teachers and professors, govt. doctors and nurses, govt. lawyers and judges etc. Alongside, non govt. jobs have a huge variety too. Like, many companies and private sectors (regional, national and multinational) , NGOs, IT sectors, media professionals and the list goes on. People have different choices when it comes to their professional life. welcome to www.apnishayeri.com We are here to make it easier to find everything you need under a single umbrella.